Shilton, Weyers & Asociados

About Us

We were founded in 1988 as a consulting company formed by accountants who work to meet companies’ specific needs in Argentina.

Our professional team is highly qualified, thanks to our policy of investing in training for our human resources, which is key to addressing the increasingly complex and sophisticated demands of the current business environment.

We have a very diversified service experience, with both Argentine and foreign clients engaged in a wide range of businesses, including agrobusiness, supermarkets, oil, health, construction, real estate, advertising, non-profit organizations, dredging, tourism, mining, transportation, holdings, technology, services, etc.

Our mission is to provide tailored and quality services to our clients.

We are affiliated to Praxity, Global Alliance, the largest world Alliance of independent accountants and consulting firms and one of the top 10 accounting associations worldwide.

Member Firms of this Alliance are selected based on their reputation, strengths, dimension, financial condition, leadership and geographic relevant standards. Individually, Praxity Member Firms have a field of specialization; collectively, they build a world reserve of resources and unparalleled knowledge.

Our participation in Praxity offers a gateway to the global market to those who seek business opportunities beyond the domestic market and need international support for their existing operations.

This Alliance empowers us as global business players and we are able to choose from a wide network of top-notch advisors and provide a vast range of solutions to our clients, anywhere in the world.

Together, we share our combined experiences from strategic locations in the world, leverage highly tailored business solutions and deep regional knowledge, which translates into outstanding results and performance for clients in more than 100 countries.  

As part of Praxity we are an independent, highly-qualified firm that can work with partners across the world, who share their expertise and experience in local regulations in their home countries; as a result, we are in a position to offer precise and very reliable tax and consulting services worldwide.

We are here to help you make progress wherever you develop your business.

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Praxity is a global alliance of independent firms. Praxity is organised as an international not-for-profit entity under Belgium law (a so-called IVZW or AISBL), with its registered office in Belgium. Praxity has its administrative office in London which is operated under Praxity – Global Alliance Limited (company number: 07873027), a not-for-profit company registered in England and Wales, limited by guarantee, with its registered office at Suite 2, Beechwood, 57 Church Street, Epsom, Surrey KT17 4PX. Praxity does not practice the profession of public accountancy or provide audit, tax, consulting or other professional services of any type to third parties. The alliance does not constitute a joint venture, partnership or network between participating firms. The firms that participate in the alliance are independent separate legal entities, and Praxity does not guarantee the services or the quality of services provided by participating firms. Praxity does not deliver services in its own name or at all. Services are delivered by the member firms. Praxity and its member firms are not agents of, and do not obligate, one another and are not liable for one another’s acts or omissions.